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Yesterday, rapper Silento went viral, after the “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nene” rapper was accused of showing up to his ex girlfriend’s home with a hatchet. 

But he didn’t go viral for the arrest, Research has shown that the 2000s rapper was doing numbers after some alleged nude pics leaked online.

The images, which TheDayum was not able to independently corroborate, appear to show the rapper spreading his legs and showing off his “bussy.” But nowadays, images like this are easy to fake. So fans shouldn’t assume that the image is real.

For those that don’t know what a bussy is – it’s short for a “boy p***y”, and it’s the colloquial name that many gay men give to their anus.

But in 2020, images go viral even before they have been authenticated.

The alleged explicit photo of the rapper has been circulating online and has been seen by millions – possibly billions – and it’s a awful sight to behold.

There are some relatively clean versions of the alleged image, where fans use “fan art” to photoshop underwear onto the man in the pic to hide his private areas. But be careful, someone may post the full image in the comments below the tweets, or it might pop up in your search – and if you accidentally see it, you’ll be traumatized.