Rihanna Looks BEATEN & BRUISED (Graphic Pics)

Rihanna stepped out last night, and appeared to have her face covered in bruises. Images shows a bruised looking Rihanna arriving the popular Los Angeles restaurant Giorgio Baldi.

Rihanna was wearing giant sunglasses – which hid her face.

But when Rih took off the sunglasses, she looked bad. Her left eye appeared swollen and the beautiful singer appeared to have a black eye. There also appeared to be a bruise on her forehead.

Her face looked like she got into a bad fight – and lost.

The graphic images of a battered and bruised Rihanna bring us back to a time in 2009 when R&B singer Chris Brown assaulted her. Following the incident, shocking police images showing Rihanna’s bruised face leaked and instantly went viral – globally.

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