Pastor John Gray Apologizes To His Wife Amid New Cheating Allegations

Pastor John Gray has apologized to his wife, Aventer Gray, after he was accused once again of cheating on her.

On Sunday, Gray told his congregation at Relentless Church that he is now receiving extensive counseling and that other pastors are helping him tackle his issues.

“I’m sorry for the areas of my life that I left unattended, that I was apathetic about, the areas where I have treated the calling of God, the grace of God and the hand of God casually in my life. For every area of behavior that has dishonored the holiness of God, I want to tell you that I’m sorry. There have been a number of things, blogs, some of them accurate, some of it not. But all of it, my responsibility,” he told his congregation.

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TSR Staff: La'Janeé @_lajanee_ _________________________________ A couple of weeks ago, we reported that #PastorJohnGray was caught up in an alleged cheating scandal, according to Blogger #TashaK of @UnwineWithTashaK. After his team released a statement, stating that this was all about extortion, it looks like John Gray has actually apologized to his wife and his church. We spoke to a source on John Gray’s team and they say, “he wasn’t apologizing for cheating. He apologized for extortion. There was no cheating that took place.” _________________________________ Gray took to the stage himself with a message entitled "Face It,” which seemingly addressed the situation. To his wife, he said: “As I’ve said to my wife, I say to her now in the moment, Aventer I am sorry for the pain that I have caused you. And my prayer is that the life I live from this moment will be one worthy of the love that you have extended and that our family receives from," he expressed. "I am grateful for you, for our children and I pray that God would restore the joy that we had in the days when we would drive around the city dreaming. You know more than everyone else the areas of pain that I’ve carried for years," he added. _________________________________ “The horrific, self-fulfilling prophesies. That you told me stop confessing those things. But I believe that this moment had to come so that God could make me the man that I need to be. But I’m sorry for that pain that I’ve caused," Gray continued. "You don’t deserve it. You’re an amazing woman of God and I love you. And I will face me so that the man that comes out of this moment will be able to honor you in a way that I never have before." _________________________________ To my church, "I am sorry—Click the link in the bio to read more. (📹:John William/YT)

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“I apologize for putting the name of God in harm’s way and I and I alone take the responsibility for the actions that harmed and injured God’s sheep. No matter how many pseudo-excuses one can hurl in a moment like this, for the purposes of self-preservation, all of them ring hollow when all that is truly needed is the truth,” he said.

This comes the week after the pastor claimed that he was the victim of blackmail and extortion.

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